DTPO 2.8.3 search results clear upon hitting return

Perhaps this is by design, perhaps it was in 2.8.2 but I never noticed:
When I use the search field in the main database window and I type in a query, it begins to return results in realtime, as expected. However, if I hit the return key after finishing the query, the results are cleared.

Is this the expected behaviour?

Over here pressing return in the toolbar “find” field or in the Search panel always selects the entire search string so that it can be modified for a new search. It has never deleted the string – previously, or with 2.8.3.

Perhaps there’s something else running in the background on your computer that’s interfering?

Ah, sorry, it isn’t that it deletes the string entered into the field. It clears the results being displayed. The string/query is still present, and indeed, gets highlighted.

Here, in DEVONthink Pro Office 2.8.3 under OS X 10.10.2 pressing return either in the Toolbar query field or in the full Search window will select the entered query, but does not clear the existing list of search results.

That’s been DEVONthink’s behavior for a long time. I don’t see a change in the latest version.

You might be seeing flaky behavior caused by a corrupted cache file (try clicking on the application name in the menubar, choose Empty Cache, then close and relaunch DEVONthink), or by a gremlin in memory (try a restart of the computer). Flaky behavior can also result by installation of software that hacks OS X, changing code in the operating system to provide a new feature or appearance. Usually, hacks are installed in the user account. If so, try a restart in the Guest account and test DEVONthink’s behavior in that environment.