DTPO 2.8.7 and OCR

We have confirmed an issue with OCR and DEVONthink Pro Office 2.8.7. We are working on a hotfix.
Thanks for your patience.

The broken code signature of the OCR task has been fixed, fixed disk images and Sparkle updates are now available. If you’ve already updated to v2.8.7, then just download the disk image again (s3.amazonaws.com/DTWebsiteSuppo … ce.dmg.zip) and replace the installed version. Thanks.

Dear Sir or Madam:
A little more detail on fixing the OCR issue would be helpful. Like what dish image, or do I delete and download and do a reinstall, after upgrading to El Capitan.
Robert M. Potter.
Also tried to do OCR thru Acrobat…really not a good idea.
Will Await Y’alls fix on Monday
Robert M Potter

You download DEVONthink Pro Office as it’s the only edition that supports OCR.

Anyone found a workaround for the DTPO 2.8.7/OCR issues with El Capitain?

I am unable to use the software, and documents are piling up. Interestingly, cannot get a pdf into the inbox after scanning with my iX500 and the OCR fails.

Moving to manual modes of scanning and importing into DTPO.

Suggestions appreciated while DevonThink gets their act together…

Comments like this are not helpful. The link provided above provides the fix for the OCR issue. If you have an issue beyond this, please start a Support Ticket.

Here is how to apply the fix.

  1. Quit DEVONthink Pro Office
  2. Download the new version (this is the link Christian gave
  3. Double-click the DEVONthink_Pro_Office.dmg.zip file if your browser did not do so automatically
  4. Double-click the DEVONthink_Pro_Office.dmg file to open the image
  5. Drag the DEVONthink Pro Office icon to your applications folder.

Would that the rest of the app-writing world identified problems and created fixes as quickly. Thank you.

@BRD943: Thanks. It’s nice when we can get a hotfix in this quickly. :smiley: