DTPO 2 consistently opens different database to that selecte

I split my DTPO v 1.5 database into six smaller ones. When I open them individually in v1.5 they work fine. I converted them to v2 databases, (so I could have more than one open) but when I open #5 (and it is just this one) in v2 it opens database #4 - always #4. If I try to reopen #5 it says ‘Database already open’. But it isn’t. If I open the original #5 in v1.5 it works ok. I’ve repeated the conversion to v2 but get the same result.

I’m also finding the search function in v2 much less reliable than in v1.5. It seems faster it seems to miss key results that are in the database when I look manually. It may be operator error but I wonder if there is a Tips for Search in V2 page anywhere?

I like to have more than one database open, but it is not much point if it won’t open the correct one, and if I am unable to get the search function to work properly.
I’d appreciate help.

Maybe there is a lock file in the converted database that is supposedly “open”? Use “show package contents” in Finder on the database file to see. If there is a lock file just delete it.

Thanks UT, but no luck.
I checked the package contents an got 10 Devonthink dt meta files, a Files.noindex and a settins.plist.

Nothing with ‘lock’ in it.

Am I missing something here?

Thanks again.

Gary, by any chance do your databases #4 and #5 have the same name?

If you choose File > Database Properties does the list of open databases include #5?

Could you provide more information about your issues with Search in version 2? I generally find it far more powerful than in version 1. For information about the search operators and query syntax, open your DEVONthink application online Help and do a search for ‘search operators’.

If you wish to search across all open databases use the Search window (Tools > Search). There are a number of options not available in the little search field in view and document windows.

Thanks Bill.
I checked the File/Database properties and there was a different name for the file in the file path (database 5) to the Name a bit further down the window (database 4). When I changed the Name to match the file name, the problem has gone. I checked the original file in v1.54 and the error was there. So it must have happened when I broke the original database into segments, and not on conversion, as I (wrongly) suspected.

Many thanks also for the pointers to the search instructions.

Best wishes from Fremantle.