DTPO 2 scanned files are duplicated when moved in group!

Sometimes a ScanSnap document becomes duplicated when moved in a folder. I right-click the pdf in the inbox to move it to a folder. When I navigate to this folder I was surprised that several documents I scanned and moved to this folder were duplicated? I was not able to reproduce the phenomena!
What could be the reason of this behaviour?

In earlier public beta versions of DTPO2, the ‘Move To’ command copied rather than moved documents between databases, for example, from the Global Inbox to a group in another database.

As you are now using public beta 7, perhaps that’s why you cannot reproduce the behavior using the ‘Move To’ contextual menu option.

I have a related question regarding moving docs from the global inbox to a selected db/group.

I have downloaded the DTPO 2 beta and giving it a test drive. I noticed that if I scan a doc with my ScanSnap to DEVONthink, it goes directly to the global inbox. This is fine and, I’d imagine its the functionality I’d actually want (as I am scanning my partners documents too, along with all my own). So, I have a mixed bunch of PDF’s all nicely OCR’d in the global inbox. Now, what I want to do is simply drag and drop these docs into their destination database and relevant group. However, I noticed that when I drag and drop a PDF, it simply copies the document to destination db/group! It leaves the original in the global inbox.

Is this the correctly functionality? I would have thought that dragging and dropping docs would act as a “move” rather than a “copy”. It means I have duplicate docs until I delete the copy in the global inbox. This, I would imagine, could get a bit confusing when I have say 100+ documents that have just been scanned in.

Any help welcome… Colin

Hold the CMD key down when you drag and drop and the document will move rather than copy. (The + sign next to the cursor disappears to signify “move”.)

…It happened under version beta 7. The documents were moved from the global inbox but showed up duplicated in the destination group. The “Show in Finder” command showed the “original” and the “duplicated” file in 2 different folders.

Thanks for your help, Bill!


Thanks… That done the trick :slight_smile: