DTPO 2 - some Files missing after re-install

I had a major HD problem and had to re-install my SSD from scratch. Luckily I was able to transfer my files before the format.
I also made a back-up of my Databases which resided in my home directory. After the re-install I can see the dbs, the structure, the file names, … however some (490) files are missing.
I am a bit surprised as some files are present, while others are missing. I keep all my files in DTPO meaning all PDFs, etc. are imported into the db. I am also unable to recognize a pattern of which files are missing and which files are still available. Some groups show all files and all files are accessible, some groups show all files and only some are accessible, while other groups are completely empty.
Does anybody have any idea, hint, … if there is a way to resolve this problem?

Thanks a lot!
Pretty desperate,

It’s possible that the HD issue caused this. Do you have any other backups (e.g. Time Machine) or only the one that you made before reinstalling? Do you synchronize your database to a cloud service or local sync store?

Thanks for your reply. I keep my dbs local. Only switched recently from Evernote and haven’t figured out how to reliable sync to a cloud service yet. Missing it big time though!

Luckily, I just found another back-up which seems to be complete, so the problem seems to resolved. I have no idea what happened to the dbs. Both BUs were taken after the HD problem was discovered. However the newer BU is much smaller up to factor 10! than the slightly older one. Happy that my files are back however it feels a little disturbing.

What is your best practice for ensuring that you have reliable BUs?

And do you sync to the Cloud?

Thanks again for your help. Highly appreciated!

See e.g.

Only for testing. Personally I use direct connections via Bonjour and a Synology diskstation for synchronizing.

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