DTPO 2 Web Server Interface Question

Just started playing around with the DTPO 2 web server. I got it set up fine and it looks really good. The interface is a 3 pane interface with groups etc on left and a list of documents on the top half to the right, with what looks like a preview pane on the lower half of the right side.

Now, if I click on a document in the top right pane, it simply downloads the PDF to my local machine! I’d have thought that it would simply display a preview of the doc in the lower right-hand pane!

Is this correct? Or have I not got something set up correctly?

has nobody got any ideas about this? According to the user guide, single-clicking a document in the list view, should preview it in the pane below. All I get is an immediate download of the document to my local downloads folder!

On what machine do you try this? In general, the web interface simply asks your browser to display the PDF but it’s fully up to the browser to decide how to do this. Maybe you have some PDF plugin installed or you use a browser that cannot display PDF itself, e.g. Safari on Mac OS X 10.3 or such?

I’m trying this on my MBP (10.6.1) using Safari 4. I have the web server set up and running on my iMac. I’ll check Safari’s preferences when i get home from the office and see if its set to download PDF’s instead of displaying inside the browser itself.

Same issue here. Safari 5.1.1 on Snow Leopard 10.68. After the immediate download, you can click on the link in the lower left to “display document in a separate window”.

Problem fixed in Safari 5.1.2 for Snow Leopard.
Still broken in Safari 5.1.2 for Lion.