DTPO and Dropbox Selective Sync

I have a 1TB Dropbox account and a fresh MacBook Pro with a 500GB SSD. To keep from my drive from filling up too fast, I’ve activated Dropbox’s selective sync for large but seldom used files. Selective sync keeps these files from filling up your hard drive (which is good) but does so at the expense of convenience (which is bad). If I access Dropbox through finder, these selectively synced files might as well not existl. The only way to see and access them is through Dropbox’s Web interface.

So here’s the question: indexing a Dropbox folder that’s on my Mac has worked really well. Is it possible for DTPO to index a selectively synced Dropbox folder that’s solely Web accessible?

No, it’s not. You should not try to index resources that exist only in the cloud.

Your request reminded me of this program I have seen but not tried. It is called Expandrive, it allows you to treat cloud storage programs like Dropbox as if they where local servers (I think)

expandrive.com/map-or-mount- … d-windows/

This may work for what you where trying to do.

Let me know if it works :smiley:

Use of Expandrive (or any similar app) does not change the fact that remote resources are not ideal for this process.