I have DTPO on my laptop and have a large database of scanned documents that I’d like to be able to share with other people in the house. I have at least two full licenses (not including my copy which was used to upgrade to DTPO) to DT standard from bundles. Is there anyway to the the DTPO database into the DT format and an easy way to sync to the two? I will continue be the one to scan and create the database, and would like others to be able to access the new scans as they are added.

Contrary to v1.x, DT 2 and DTPO 2 use the same database format, therefore you could use File > Export > Database Archive… to transfer the data from DTPO 2 to DT 2 but this requires some renaming & copying after expanding the archive.

It might be easier to enable the web server of DTPO 2: That way people can browse, search, upload, download and add notes. As the web server supports Bonjour, it’s easily accessible in a (W)LAN.

Thanks. That sounds encouraging. Can finally put some of those paid licenses to use. :smiley: