DTPO and Epson 3170 PHOTO problem--DTPO quits

Today I tried to do an OCR import direct from my Epson Perfection 3170 PHOTO scanner. DTPO found the scanner, scanned the document, then began the OCR. Then the program simply quit. No explanation. I started the program again, tried once more, same result. Any suggestions?


Hi, Dale. Perhaps a conflict with another input plugin?

Could you please copy the latest DT Pro crash reports and attach them to an email to Support?

For whatever reason, there was no crash report either incident. Do I need to know something that I don’t, to find the report?


Launch Applications > Utilities > Console.

Click on the Logs button.

Look under ‘~/Library/Logs’ and then under ‘CrashReporter’ to find ‘DEVONthink Pro.crash.log’.

Select and copy the log. In DT Pro’s Help menu select ‘Support’ to initiate a new email message to Support. Describe your problem and paste in the crash log material.