DTPO and importing from scanner

I’m trialling DTPO and am trying to import some book articles via my Canon Lide60 scanner. I’m having problems though. When I scan two pages from an open book they appear, in overview, in a portrait orientation, with the writing running from top to bottom. After OCR has done its stuff though, the page is rotated so that the writing runs from left to right, but instead of the pdf appearing in landscape orientation, the portrait aspect is maintained so that now the wider part of the original is squeezed into a much narrower dimension, and the writing appears tall and narrow. I don’t know that I’ve explained myself too well; posting an example of the output would probably give a much clearer picture.

Also, DTPO runs very slowly while I’m scanning, and and opening the resulting pdf’s, with spinning beachballs, etc.

I hope someone can point me in the right direction on this, and that I can make importing from the scanner work, because adding the option is a very good idea for DTP. I think I’ll have to return to Adobe Acrobat for now though.