DTPO and MailTags?

Does DTPO’s ability to import/archive email include support for MailTags? http://www.indev.ca/MailTags.html

MailTags fills a crucial role of multiply categorizing emails (without having to copy/move them into a bunch of different folders).

I currently use MailSteward to backup/archive my massive collection of emails, and it supports MailTags. http://www.mailsteward.com/

It would be wonderful to have DTP assimilate all my email, but if it can’t handle MailTags then it won’t work for me yet. This is the deciding factor for whether or not I will upgrade from DTP to DTPO at this time. thanks

Just try it. :wink:

Okay, I downloaded a demo version of DTPO and tried importing a few email messages with some MailTags (both Project tags and Keyword tags). The messages are imported into DTPO, but the tags are nowhere to be seen. Not in the main content of the imported message, nor in the info window.
According to the MailTags oage, “The tags are saved in the individual message files (.emlx).”

MailSteward must look for tags specifically when it archives email.

Unless I’m missing somethinig, it looks like DTPO doesn’t do MailTags yet.

Well, I have seen reports from people where it did work (they will be found in the comments). Thus my question: did you use the Mail plugin? This is a necessity.

Well, I’m not sure exactly what you mean by “use the Mail plugin.” I have scripts installed from DTP that can be run from Mail.app (e.g., “add message(s) to DEVONthink”). I don’t think DTPO installed any new scripts when I installed it.

The method I used to import emails from Mail.app into DTPO was from within DTPO, from one of the menus, and it was something like “import emails” but it wasn’t from the scripts menu. Sorry I can’t be more specific; I’m on my laptop right now which doesn’t have the trial DTPO installed. The function I chose, whatever menu it was in, brought up a window showing all the mailboxes from Mail.app and let me choose which one I wanted to look in, and then select emails and click the “import” button in that window.

That sounds OK. I don’t know. I talked with the developer of MailTags (he’s even used our software), so I know that the right thing has been done on our side. So, I would implore you to please check again…

Okay, I’ll try again. But can you tell me what I should be looking for? Like how/where successfully imported mailtags would appear in DTPO? thanks

They are found in the Comments of a record. You can either make this column visible in an a list of records and/or open the Info panel (preferred since the data from MailTags is normally 2 lines).