DTPO and NAS indexing


I’ve got an NAS (Synology DS 211) which is connected to my mac by WLan. I’ve indexed this drive partly using a separate database. After having indexed it, I could work with this database as usual, but now that I’ve restarted the mac and Devonthink Pro Office, DTPO says it doesn’t find the files :frowning: But the drive is still connected and available.
What’s the problem, does DT have got problems using external drives?


Edit: OK; sorry, I’ve noticed, that it works, if I open up the folders using the Finder before. But is there no easier way to do this?

Was the drive mounted before opening the folders in the Finder?

yes, I’ve already been able to see it in the Finder. But I had to open the folders of the drive once before they were available in DT.

Does the NAS use AFP, SMB or anything else?

it uses AFP