DTPO and pinch to zoom problem?

I’ve noticed recently that, every now and then (several times a day, and I spend most hours of a day on my computer), trackpad pinch to zoom (and two-finger-tap to “smart zoom”) will stop working in all application. The reason I’m posting here is because it seems to be linked to DEVONthink in that using DEVONthink is a reliable antecedent to the problem occurring.

If I avoid using DTPO, I usually do not see the issue.

If I use DTPO, odds are fairly high that I’ll encounter the issue.

The issue is easily resolved by toggling the pinch-to-zoom setting in system preferences, but doing this several times a day is a pain.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Nope, not here - and I frequently use the pinching and run DTPO ALL DAY, every day.

strange… Okay will continue to dig into this.