DTPO and scansnap s500m OCR or not?

I have just bought a scansnap s500m and a licence for DTPO
I’m on a steep learning curve
The scanning into DTPO via automatic OCR works very well, but not everything you scan may need OCR. Do you have the choice to do OCR or just store as an image (with smaller file size) and forgo the OCR?

Hi, cameo. Sure. If you have some paper copy, e.g. hand-written notes or drawings that needn’t go through OCR, open ScanSnap Manager’s settings and temporarily change the application that receives the scan to another, such as Preview. Also check the ‘Save’ tab to note where your scans will be saved in the Finder.

Then you can capture the resulting image-only PDFs into your database by either Importing or Indexing them normally.

To revert to OCR, change ScanSnap Manager’s ‘Application’ option back to your DT Pro (Office) application.