DTPO and Scansnap == TOTAL BLISS

Because of DTPO’s support for the scansnap, I picked one up this week. I had been trying to scan some docs with my networked HP MFP, but the auto document feeder was slow and I couldn’t scan things directly into DTPO.

I got it, and the first night I scanned 610 sheets. This sucker is fast! All of it went into DTPO seamlessly. I’m even able to scan complete magazines to an electronic archive since DTPO has no problems viewing them.

Have to say, I’m impressed, and I’m definitely going to recommend this to others.

Hi, Thanks for the comments. Always good to read users opinions.
I have the HP m1120 mfp (5 years old) but can’t figure out how to get my iMac to “see” it and use the scanning function. Any suggestions?
I currently use DTP. What’s the best way to go paperless with this? Buy a ScanSnap? They seem expensive. Suggestions?

I have no experience with he HP M1120. I quickly looked and Hamrick’s VueScan scanner software says that it supports this model only on Windows. That’s a bad sign, as VueScan pretty much supports anything that is in any form supportable. According to the Sane project page, the M1120 is supported by one of their backends. So you could give that a try. However, I had not much luck with (X)Sane on the Mac. I have it nicely running in VirtualBox under Ubuntu, though. Is the M1120 capable of sheet feeding? If not, than it is in an entirely different class anyway. In case feeding is useful or important to you, I would indeed suggest a Scansnap. I have a very old model, the fi-5110EOXM, bought in 2006! Driver updates for the Mac have long since stopped, but the last drivers still work fine under Yosemite. There are now also at least 2 aftermarket software offerings for various Scansnap models that no longer work with Mavericks/Yosemite, so it is probably not a bad investment. If you have a lot of paper docs, it’s a game changer.

I debated this for a very long time, years in fact. I finally got a scansnap though an educational program I was in. If the program hadn’t paid the freight I might still have to wait. But now that I know what they can do, holy cow, these scanners are great. Sorry to have to say It but, they are worth the $500 tag. Wish they were cheaper but … What I can do with my scansnap scanner is finally scan stuff, very quickly. This is my first feeder scanner. Before It was lift the lid, wait for the platen to cross, turn It over, yada yada yada (snore).

If you want to take yourself or your business paperless, why debate this one? Really, you’ll like It.

We bought a Fujitsu S510M (old one too). Works excellent even if it is not wireless but decided that that feature I can live without.

Just saw a guy in Chicago with 100% good feedback on Ebay selling one, 60,00 no bids and two hours left.

I had several scanners over the years but this one is excellent and on top of it it works with the software integrated in DTPO.

the 510M is the one I (still) have - a workhorse. As it ages, you may need to watch it a bit if you load several pages at once (depending on the paper pages may stick together). I do set the scan to be saved directly to DT’s inbox as pdf.