DTPO and Wuala


How to sync the DTPO databases with Wuala? I want to have stored my databases in Wuala and kept them regularly synchronized.

Does somebody here have experiences with syncing DTPO and Wuala?

Kind regards, Friedrich

As with other cloud storage hosts, I recommend against storing and running DEVONthink databases in the cloud. I would consider the likelihood of database damage unacceptably high, as the file copying routines of such cloud hosts were not designed for dynamic databases such as DEVONthink.

New cloud hosting services appear now and then, and existing ones go out of business now and then as their business plans fail. Some, such as Dropbox, appear likely to endure for the time being.

DEVONthink’s Sync plugin provides various options for synchronizing databases on multiple Macs. As Dropbox is probably the most commonly used, one option is for sync via Dropbox, with that option coded specifically for APIs used by Dropbox. Note that other cloud hosts likely use different APIs, so may or may not work properly with the Sync plugin unless or until Sync procedures specific to them are written.

As BLUEFROG frequently observes, it’s a good idea to examine one’s workflows before deciding that syncing via the cloud is the best choice, as other options such as sync via direct connection or via a portable drive holding a Sync store will be faster and more reliable in many cases. For example, as I work alone and use a laptop Mac, I don’t need cloud sync. If I used two Macs at different locations, I would use a portable drive as the intermediary for syncing databases. Note that I do not consider a database that is being synced to have been sufficiently backed up by the Sync procedure; I keep independent backups of my databases using Time Machine and for the most important ones, Database Archive backups.

I agree with Bill’s assessment. People too often want to use a remote Sync when it’s not really necessary. I carry 3TB (one 2TB, 2 500GB) of external storage that is not much larger than two packs of cigarettes (total volume). I also have three thumb drives for an extra 48GB of storage in one pocket. I guarantee they are faster and more reliable than a Dropbox Sync. Considering how cheap they are, I can have triple redundancy in my pocket for less than $50 (total cost, not a yearly / monthly charge).

Really think about your Sync needs before committing to a remote Sync. We have no control over bandwidth and network issues which can infringe on ANY syncing method.

Remember the old saw: Use the best tool for the job. :smiley:

PS: I also make liberal use of Direct Connection Syncs between machines.

D-e-e-p pockets, I’d say. Hope they are triple lined. 8)

You just need shallow pockets for thumbdrives. :mrgreen: