DTPO as a Case Management System

Hi all,

Has anyone been able to adjust DTPO as a case management system? What I mean by this is that I need to be able to track what documents I have given various entities and what my communication has been with them. It is not as simple as just creating a group for each vendor because a vendor may want to receive different forms. These forms need to be authorized by others, etc.

DTPO is great for filing and storage, but I am having trouble with a system for tracking.

I think a good amount of lawyers use DTPO and would appreciate if anyone shares their approach.

Could you please explain your workflow more detailed? At the moment, at least for me, your approach and requirements are not yet really clear.

Kind regards, Friedrich

For the sake of space I am providing only one scenario here, but I have more if need be.

When I prepare for a conference, I have separate file in which I work on the paper itself; another folder for my travel and hotel arrangements, one more for receipts, and another for what I submit to several on-campus entities for reimbursement.

The challenge that I am having is that with the current system I can’t quickly and with certainty figure out what I have submitted and when to the reimbursement offices, and if I have received my reimbursement for the amount they promised.

To be more specific: office A requires several different forms to be submitted at different periods (before or after the conference). Each form also has specific requirements. Form A needs to arrive attached with several other documents which I need to assemble (the acceptance letter, an announcement for the conference, etc. etc.). Form 2 for office A is also a detailed process. It is submitted after the conference and has to include a number of other attachments. I have a folder in which I assemble what I should send, but I do not have high confidence in claiming what exactly have I sent that office and when.

If I have two conferences per year, the amount of paperwork is too much. I need a reliable and efficient system to be able to say what form and attachments have I submitted exactly and to whom? I could use the search function, but, unfortunately, it very rarely works for me. What I have been doing is dig into my files which means spending quite a bit of time to sort out what I have assembled to send them. Though I easily can see what I have assembled to send, I cannot tell with certainty what they have actually received and when. So, I want to be able to track quickly what specific documents I have given to the different offices and when. Right now I can say ‘this is what I have’. Did you receive document x? I want to be able to say ‘I sent x on mm/dd/yyyy.’

I also have to track my reimbursement. How much money did office A promise to give me? Did they give that money to me and when? How is office B doing with their reimbursement? What about office C?

I need to be able to look at the information from different perspectives:

  1. Per conference: Did I get reimbursed for Conference 1?
  2. Per office: Which office received the necessary paperwork?

It’s about tracking as well as filing documents. Can I track (not just file) such items more efficiently in DTPO?

Thank you for reading!

For the situation in which you have described I typically would use Spotlight comments to tell me, for example, what version of an abstract I submitted to a conference. I organise my list view so that Spotlight Comments is in the third column. Of course there are other ways of organising things in a case management system in DevonThink. One other way is by creating a RTF note, making a table and then having columns with name of file (and a link back to the file), the submission date, who submitted to etc.