DTPO compatibility with Kodak EasyShare 5500?

The new Kodak inkjet printers look amazing, especially given the cost of consumables. The top-end model, the 5500, comes with a 35-page sheet-feeder with duplexing for the scanner, which seems to be a good bit less expensive than any duplexing sheet-feed scanner I’ve seen to-date (the 5500 costs $299, and is all-in-one printer/copier/scanner/fax).

Will DT Pro Office be compatible with this printer/scanner? If so, it could be the ultimate pairing, since the Fujitsus are so much more costly. This could be the ticket to bringing DT Pro Office into many more homes and small offices.

(PS: I’m not sure if this is a feature request, marketing suggestion, or simply a question. Maybe all three.)

I’ve looked at the PDF specifications sheet for that printer/scanner/copier/fax all in one. But there’s no information yet about the scanner driver that I’ve been able to find.

Kodak appears to be “sticking it” to other printer manufacturers on the cost of consumables. Consumables, of course, have been the principal profit margin for other printer manufacturers.

There should be some comprehensive third-party reviews of quality, performance, etc. by April, when the new Kodak line is supposed to go on sale.