DTPO compatibility with Mojave


Just want to check if DTPO 2.10.1 is compatible with the latest MacOS Mojave?

Thank you

I installed Mojave today. I gave DEVONthink “Full Disk Access” in System Preferences > Security and Privacy. I launched DEVONthink. In installed the Mail PlugIn. No joy. The plugin does not appear in Mail in Mojave.

(FWIW, the MailAct-On and MailTags plugins were removed, silently, by Mojave Mail. Perhaps the same fate is DEVONthink’s?)

I also am unable to install the Apple Mail plugin. I’ve only updated on non-work critical systems, and will wait to update on my real work computer.

Same issue with Apple Mail and DTPO … I’ve come to rely on this linkage and can’t make my workflows “work” without it!

I did a bit of analysis and here are my findings:

  • When macOS is updated to 10.14, the Mail Add-on is automatically disabled as it is not compatible with 10.14
  • When trying to install the Mail Add-on with the current version of DTPO (2.10.1), you get an error message that Library/Mail/Bundles in your home directory is not writable
  • This comes as no surprise as this directory is protected by system integrity protection (SIP) on macOS 10.14, which means even the root user can not access it (try “ls” in the Terminal)
  • Bottom Line: The DTPO Mail Add-on is outdated and incompatible with 10.14 (even has SnowLeopard in the filename)

The interesting question now is, why DTPO (or at least the Mail Add-On) does not work on 10.14, which has been available as beta long enough. Did Apple do a change in the last minute or was DEVONtechnologies sleeping?

  1. Enable full disk access in System Preferences > Security & Privacy for DEVONthink Pro Office
  2. Install the Mail plugin
  3. Enable the plugin via Apple Mail > Preferences > General > Manage Plug-ins

Thanks for the quick reply!

I can confirm that this works. Granting DTPO full disk access allows it to install the Mail Add-On, you can even revoke the full disk access afterwards (might be a good idea).

There might be a better way of doing this. I use another tool (Daylite from Marketcircle) on the same machine that I upgraded to 10.14. If I remember correctly, the Mail Plug-In was also disabled, but then reinstalled AND enabled without giving special permissions to the application. This may, however, have to do with the fact that their Mail plug-in comes as a package with its own installer.

Thanks - that works well. If you haven’t already thought of it, a blog post or similar to let everyone know (except I bet you’ve already organised it :smiley: )

Agree. SpamSieve for example pays attention to the state of its plug-in’s activation, pops a message saying “if you want to activate then click here for information” and provides detailed help. Very thoughtful.