DTPO compatible scanners

Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this question, but I guess I’m just troubleshooting before I buy :smiley:

I currently use plain old Devonthink and love it. Now I want to start getting rid of paper at home by upgrading to DTPO and getting a sheet-feeder document scanner. I’d love to buy one of the ScanSnaps, but while big-name consumer electronics are cheap in Hong Kong, the ScanSnaps are horrendously expensive :frowning:

So, my question is about scanner compatibility. I see on the ExactCODE website that ExactScan supports the Kodak i1120. Does this mean that it will work with DTPO? I also read that Bill DeVille has got a Canon flatbed scanner working - there is a sheet-feed Canon scanner called the DR-2050C, but the Canon website doesn’t list OSX compatibility. How would I find out if it would work?

Thanks, Dan

It should work. But as the demo of DEVONthink Pro Office is not limited in its functionality (except the number of scans/archived emails per day), the easiest solution is probably to download and try it on your own.

Except that I still need to buy the scanner, and I’d like to be pretty sure before I buy it…