DTPO continuously crashing on macOS 10.14 beta

This is not a complain, of course, only to inform you that DTPO crashes so frequently in new macOS Mojave beta. It even crashes with all screens closed, being only in memory.

A crash report is attached (surely you will have more in your telemetry collection).
crash.zip (27 KB)

Mmmmm… Seems it only crashes in dark mode… :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Thanks for the log but it’s a bug of the preview.

How did you manage to get that to work? I am still crashing.

Crashes for me every time in the light theme, must be something else.


After installation I selected Dark Mode in the assistant, then I started to launch and check programs and DTPO started crashing.

I got tired of dark mode and then switched to normal mode an DTPO stopped crashing and started working normally.

Perhaps the trick whas change modes while DTPO is in memory but closed…


This morning, with normal theme, DTPO started to crash like a, mmm…, well, a Pro. :confused:

I’m restoring macOS 10.13 just now.

Beta 2 doesn’t seem to help. Thinking it’s probably a theming issue.

I know that it’s a beta, but just to let you know…

Just installed beta 2, and it doesn’t crash for me and seems to work OK generally. Except for 2 things:

  1. I get all these 32-bit program warnings that are annoying which may be coming from the scanner software.

and more importantly

  1. When I scan a page with my ScanSnap 1500M into DEVONthink Pro Office, it only captures the top half of pages. If instead, I scan to a directory, then the scans are correct. So, I’m working on doing a Hazel or Keyboard Maestro rule to notice the scans and get them into DevonThink.

I had the crashes as well. Reinstalled DTPO and no longer crashes but the mail plugin will not work. Get an error messages saying can’t access “bundles” file.

Do you scan to the inbox folder (~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Inbox)? This isn’t recommended and might cause issues like this one.

The Mail plug-in won’t work until the scripts are updated - the update to Mohave moves and renames the folders Mail uses to store its data.

Based on past experience, we won’t see the scripts updated until late in the beta cycle - too much risk that something in a later beta breaks the update.

Exactly! :smiley:

Same crash issue as well. Hope it can get fixed!

Are you on the latest version (2.10.1)? Been stable here on 2 different Mohave machines