DTPO Crashes in Full Screen mode

I am finding that DTPO crashes whenever I try to go into Full Screen mode if I have multiple tabs open (in three pane view, for example) AND one or more tabs includes either a Word or an Excel document. There is no problem in displaying multiple tabs in Full Screen mode if they do not contain any MS documents. Similarly, a single MS document (Word or Excel) displays in Full Screen mode without a problem.
I am using DTPO 2.0.1 with OS 10.6.2. The last public beta 2.0b8 crashed in the same way, but I don’t recall any problem with earlier 2.0 betas.

I don’t know if this is a Snow Leopard issue or perhaps something unique with your configuration, but I can open Word docs in full screen mode from multiple tabs in the Three Pane view with no problems. Perhaps someone else on Snow Leopard can check in with their experience.

Thanks - just to add to my post, I find that Numbers documents in multiple tabs crash DTPO in the same way when switching to Full Screen. I have sent in a crash report via Help/Feedback.