DTPO crashes when clicking on a *.asciidoc file in database

I am wondering if there is anything I can do to encourage DTPO to view *.asciidoc files as plaintext files instead of freaking out about them? I’m working on a book written in asciidoc and I had hoped to drop in old versions of chapters for search and reference in DTPO.

The solution I’m using now is to just make sure to rename all asciidoc files as *.txt before importing into DTPO. This is okay, but I suspect that a DTPO power user – in particularly folks working with asciidoc, docbooks, LaTeX, etc – can point out things that I could be doing differently for this not to be an issue.


Use this command in Terminal

defaults write com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2 AdditionalPlainTextExtensions -string .asciidoc

BTW – I don’t get any crashes with DEVONthink over here with .asciidoc files – either before or after using this terminal command. So, something else might be wrong on your machine. Are you running a QuickLook plugin to render .asciidoc? The files will not render or preview in DEVONthink without a QL plugin.

Ah, interesting! I’ll try that terminal command. I have been using a Chrome Asciidoc preview plugin, and don’t have a quicklook asciidoc plugin – do you have one that you enjoy using?

I had been hoping to just open these as plaintext in DTPO, and your suggestion works marvelously for that! I tested it and am happily opening .asciidoc files there now.

I wonder if the crash was for some process running that was considered a partial match for a quicklook for asciidoc preview – i’m not seeing any other strangeness with DTPO and carefully backup up and repaired my database to make sure there weren’t other bad effects.

Say, if I wanted to add .adoc and a few other extensions to the DTPO “plaintext” list, how would I format that terminal command?


Use the string posted above – just replace .asciidoc with the extension you’re looking to add. One terminal command per extension.