DTPO crashes when emptying trash

Is there anyone else having this problem? When I right click the global trash and choose “empty trash”, DTPO first removes half of the trash and then crashes. After reopening the application, the trash is again full.

It seems the problem is due to a sync issue. The files that I cannot remove belong to a database that is synced with Dropbox and are no longer found by DTPO. I tried to rebuild that particular database but that did not solve the problem.

Is there something else I can do to “recreate” the index of the database?

Seems that sync’ing damaged the database but rebuilding should definitely fix this, assuming that no other database is also affected.

I managed to track down which file causes the crash. It’s an RTF file of which DTPO mentions the locations but says that the file is missing.

I cheated a bit and recreated an empty file with the same name in that location (in the database, which is no longer in Dropbox now). DTPO immediately found the file and displayed it. I then moved it to the inbox again, and re-deleted it. This all worked fine but when I tried to empty the trash again (which now only contained this one file), DTPO crashed like it did before!

Apparently, the rebuild doesn’t help?

Missing files shouldn’t cause a crash. Please send the crash log(s) to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com and try to rebuild all open (!) databases.