DTPO database and FTP space: how much traffic?

Hallo everybody!
Sorry to begin my life in this forum with a question :blush:
I tried a search on this specific topic, but I couldn’t find a complete answer, so I decided to open a new topic… sorry if I make it double!

The point is: I got I can “backup” my dBase(s) on any cloud (dropbox, MobileMe/iCloud etc.). But what happens when I decide to work on a db that is totally stored on my ftp space? Let’s put I have a big dB, say 4 Gb. Will I have to wait until the dB is completely “downloaded” into my copy of DT? Or will it just download some kind of “index” of the dB and, if needed, the document I intend to use/see/modify?

I’m asking this because I would like to be able to access to all of my data even on a 3G connection and, of course, I can’t ask my SIM to download 4 gigs of data in a reasonable time…

I know that there is Devonthink To Go, and I use it. But it recently happened to me that during a conference, I was asked a question I was sure I had a document about… on my MacBook while I only had my iPad and, of course, didn’t think to “sync” that particular dBase. So it would have been absolutely useful to me to be able to reach that particular dB “on the fly”, of course without having to wait for a huge amount of data to be loaded.

Thank you for any answer you will give to me!

Other than DTTG, there is no version of DEVONthink that operates on your iPhone or iPad. Even if there were, it wouldn’t access a database in your “ftp space”. Neither FTP nor DEVONthink work that way. If you regularly need to access files in your database, put them in indexed folders (i.e., not stored internally to a datbase) on a WebDAV storage place, or Dropbox, etc., and use any IOS app that can access WebDAV, Dropbox, and so on. Or, use VNC or something like LogMeIn to access your home machine and operate it remotely and access files as if they were local. (Overe here, I use LogMeIn.)

Or just remember to sync the whole database to DTTG - the simplest approach.

Dear korm,
first of all thank you for your kind answer.

I was afraid that what you actually told me was somehow true… That’s a pity.
Of course I can try and keep my iPad and my DTPO synced, but - as I told you - sometimes I forget to sync one single dB and… well that’s what happened to me. I can’t even think of keeping my Mac and my iPad since with all contents, because of the huge amount of gigs my dBs occupy.

I’ll try and figure out how to manage with indexed folders you mentioned and eventually report back.

Thanks a lot again! :smiley: