Is it useful the cooperation between DTPO and DEVONnote or DEVONnote is only a duplication of the bigger app?
Thank you

I sometimes use DEVONnote as a note-taking vehicle when I’m reading something in another application. It’s a small application with a small memory footprint. Although it’s a subset of the DEVONthink applications, it’s commands and behavior are familiar to DEVONthink users. It doesn’t conflict with DEVONthink for Services.

DEVONnote is convenient for note-taking, because when Window > Keep Windows in Front is checked, it’s note-taking window can appear above any application. I set it up as a relatively narrow window on the right side of my screen, and keep it minimized to the Dock. When I want to make notes about something I’m reading, I call it up from the Dock.

Afterwards, I can select the Name of my note and drag it into a DT Pro Office 2 database view, or into the desired destination in the Groups panel.