DTPO does not support "Archive Mailbox" for Thunderbird

Has anyone been able to use the DTPO Import->Email “Archive Mailbox” option with the source “Unix Mailbox…”? I am a Thunderbird user and have over two decades of email in mbox format, but all I can do is use the “Import” option, not the “Archive Mailbox” option, which is always grayed out.

From what I can tell, the problem is that Archive Mailbox does not work with Unix Mailboxes. This is unfortunate. This significantly reduces the utility of DTPO for me, given my need to work with Thunderbird email. Aside: Apple’s email application is not a viable option, given its many limitations.

If anyone does know a way to Archive mbox files, I would appreciate the tip. I’ve searched this forum and elsewhere, and I’ve come up dry.

Greetings Chuck, you waited 5 1/2 years to pose this question? :wink:

Anyway, Thunderbird/UNIX mailbox is one of the supported formats for importing and archiving email. Have you filed a support ticket on your issue? I’ve never used Thunderbird myself, but I believe I once beta tested this function using mailboxes created with Postbox.

Speaking of Thunderbird, I suppose you have heard that while Mozilla will continue to support it, there will be no new development of the app.


I have filed a support ticket. I just thought it likely that the forum might have some additional suggestions or workarounds.

Regarding Thunderbird development, yes I am aware that Mozilla has decided to put it into maintenance mode. I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. After all, email is the antique application that everyone uses, but no one seems to invest in (aside from Microsoft constantly messing with the standards). Certainly Apple’s efforts are pretty pathetic. Thunderbird does everything I need it to now, and it is stable with my active email database of a few hundred thousand email messages and 15 GB. Email has always been my research and notes database, and DEVONthink is what I use to complement my email database. Now, if DEVON Technologies were to get serious and integrate email directly into DEVONthink, I would be interested. I’m not going to hold my breath, though.

For the record, I got the following response from Christian Grunenberg at DEVON Technologies:

I appreciate the timely response I received from DEVON on my inquiry, even though I would have liked a different answer. The title of my original posting is now confirmed.

On the subject of Thunderbird and Postbox, I see that Postbox is discounted to $10 to try and pickup some Thunderbird users that may be concerned about future support/development. Although, some Postbox users may be concerned as to the future of Postbox without Thunderbird…

I’ve always been intrigued by Postbox, but never bought into it. As pathetic as Mail.app may be for some, it suites me almost perfectly. With MailTags, Mail Act-On, and the OmniFocus/ DEVONthink clippers, it gives me a lot of utility without being overly complex.