DTPO > DTTG: syncs hundreds of items that don't exist

There seems to be a lot of noise around syncing problems…

I just got DTPO and DTTG, and I’ve been testing the sync process, and it seems to be really broken. The problem: DTTG insists on syncing hundreds of files that don’t exist anymore (see the attached image).

First, I created a few test DBs in DTPO, which I’ve since deleted (entire DBs, not just items within them). I’ve also verified, repaired, and rebuilt all of my DBs. I’ve quit DTPO and restarted it. I’ve rebooted my mac. I’ve deleted all the tags associated with those entries. I’ve emptied the trash in DTPO. There’s no reason it should have any record of those DBs, entries, or anything related to them.

I’ve reset sync on DTTG. I’ve reset it on startup (in the prefs). I’ve restarted my iPhone. I’ve even completely deleted and reinstalled a fresh copy of DTTG.

And still, when I run a sync, DTPO sends hundreds of items to DTTG. Help!
Screen Shot 2012-04-02 at 11.44.46 PM.jpg

Somehow, restoring the iOS device (which I needed to do anyway), deleting every tag, and deleting the global Inbox files in my Mac’s ~/Library/Application Support/[etc,etc] fixed it. What a mess.

Maybe you got confused by the confusing message the sync windows shows: The status message “synchronizing items to device” (and “receiving items” on the iPhone) is used not only when items are synced to the iPhone, the messages displays the same status when item are deleted from the iPhone!

At least I got fooled the first time, because it seemed that items I had deleted from the mobile sync group were copied again to my iPhone. The message is irritating.

By the way, synk works fine here, just that the iPhone loses the wifi connection to my Mac, but this happens not only with DtTG, iTunes on my Mac also loses my iPhone. I went to connect my iPhone via USB to solve the latter issue.
When DtTG does not see my Mac (mostly after the iPhones wakes up from sleep) I found that activating, then deacticating flight mode reliably reconnects the devices.

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