DTPO Email import

I’ve got the settings for Conversations to be grouped in the Preferences.

What causes some to be grouped as thread, and others to not be (even though the are)? I manually grouped the PHP Search thread, and it gave me a folder icon, not the thread icon. Can I add the thread icon to a manually grouped thread?


The algorithm as implemented by Pantomime is not flawless based on the data available in the messages, so you can consider it as a best effort attempt.

You can always copy an icon from the Info panel and paste it on another group using the same panel.

Works like a charm. Thanks.
Two more questions:

  1. I did notice that when I import files that contain a Drafts folder with files in it (Apple Mail, Leopard) it gives an error on the first import, then it works.

Is this a bug, or something wrong with my email file at the system file level?

6:26:38 PM: Mail import problem NoSuchObject error: e.g.,: specifier asked for the 3rd, but there are only 2. Basically, this indicates a run-time resolution error.
6:27:24 PM: Mail import to �/� 699 previously imported

  1. I can import All on a specific Mailbox, but not all of them the mailboxes at once. Is there a script available to pull them all at once? I’ve got nine different email accounts being webmaster for several different domains. It would be nice to get the new messages with one click import.


MacBook Pro
2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

I see you’re using the AppleScript based import. There are bugs in Mail’s AppleScript implementation. It’s better to use the plugin for Mail we developed (Help > Install Add-Ons).

Currently you can only import one mail account at the time using the “Import All” button.

This is what I have been using to import Apple Mail, is there something else I should be using?

More in V2? :wink:

Thanks for the feedback

As you are using DT Pro Office, make Mail the frontmost application. Now click on the Mailbox menu. If you have selected a mailbox, a submenu is available – Add to DEVONthink Pro Office. There’s a similar option available under the Message menu to add one or more selected messages. This is the plugin route noted by Annard.

Strange, I don’t have that option (even after installing via the DTPO help menu). DTPO resides at the root folder of Applications folder.

Quit and relaunch Mail after the Add-ons installed. Reboot entire system perhaps?

Look in ~/Library/Mail/Bundles/. You should see a folder named DEVONMailConduit.mailbundle.

If that folder isn’t there – and perhaps even the Bundles folder isn’t there – you may have a permissions problem that prevents DTPO from installing it. Select the //Mail/ folder and press Command-I to open the Info panel.

In the Info panel check Sharing & Permissions (Leopard) or Ownership & Permissions (Tiger). Do you have Read & Write permission? If not, that’s the problem. Click on the lock icon to open it and enter your administrator password. Correct your permission to Read & Write. (You may even have to enter yourself as User, if you are not shown, by clicking on the “+” button.)

Repeat that procedure, if there was an empty Bundles folder.

Now, in DTPO, choose Help > Install Add-ons and confirm.

Go to Mail and examine the Mailbox and Message menus.

Bundles folder was already there, Library->Mail folder is read-write (I’m logged in as system admin), I’ve got another .mailbundle in there that works. Can’t seem to install it with repeated tries. DTPO is located in Applications folder, I recall that it had to be there to work properly.

Can I manually drag it there from the Contents folder of DTPO to install?

Have you checked for console messages that might give you a clue what the problem is?

Clicking on Help->Install Add-Ons yields this in the log file: Any Clues?

In fact looking at my log filtered on DTPO entries, I see that series several times, I’m guessing each time I’m installing Add-ins.

I’ve got DockStar and MailFX installed, is it possible they are conflicting? They are both accessible via Mail Preferences.

7/17/08 6:16:10 PM DEVONthink Pro[4169] Custom ColorPicker class with name .com.freeverselib could not be loaded.

7/17/08 6:16:10 PM DEVONthink Pro[4169] Custom ColorPicker class with name .com.freeverselib could not be loaded.

7/17/08 6:16:10 PM DEVONthink Pro[4169] Custom ColorPicker class with name .com.freeverselib could not be loaded.

7/17/08 6:16:10 PM DEVONthink Pro[4169] Custom ColorPicker class with name .DS_Store could not be loaded.

7/17/08 6:16:13 PM DEVONthink Pro[4169] ScanSnap Manager application not found.
7/17/08 6:16:13 PM DEVONthink Pro[4169] ExactScan application not found.

Whatever’s interfering with the plugin installation isn’t obvious from the console messages. According to Google those about ColorPicker can happen when other apps are launched.

I wouldn’t think those would keep DEVONMailConduit.mailbundle from installing and you’ve already checked that the ~/Library/Mail/Bundles folder is writable. You could try temporarily uninstalling them but it seems unlikely that’ll matter.

Sorry I don’t have anything more helpful to offer.

I’m at a loss too. One strange thing (unrelated to DTPO) is I’ve got another app that resides in the Applications folder, SplashID and it crashes on quit, their suggestion was that the folder it’s storing it’s backup to doesn’t have read/write. Yet it does. Are the two related, meaning, even though Get Info is showing read/write permissions, it’s not really on my system?

What happens if you run Repair permissions on your system? Maybe for some reason you have an ACL set on those folders. You can try to use this utility to aid that process (if applicable).

Will do a system backup and give it a try. I did repair permissions as part of the usual protocol and saw a lot of ACL on the Library folder but didn’t know what they meant. It looks like this tool may work. I’ll report back when I get a chance to run it. Thanks for the heads-up!

Good call on the ACL possibility, Annard.

Repair Disk Permissions ignores your home folder so if the problem’s there it won’t help. It rarely hurts to run it; the risks of it breaking something are minimal even if it usually doesn’t fix anything. People giving it credit for fixing more than does don’t really understand what it actually does (and doesn’t do).

Just found a new function - when you want to import a lot of emails from Apple Mail do not use ctrl+alt+cmd+M.

It crashes from time to time - a much better solution is to go to import and select the mailbox you want to import. Very nice and useful function.

It might be a good idea to do a Mailbox > Rebuild in Mail.app.

That is a great idea, maybe that was why the import did´t work perfect to start with. I finally got my wife to give up Apples Mail as a storage and started to use DTPO.

She had some 1,000 mails that I imported and with the import function in DT it was flawless.

The folders even became groups with the same name as in Mail so very smooth.

She is looking forward to use DTTG 2.0 when it is ready, slowly moving over to use the large iPad PRO but still keeping the old MacBook PRO r15.

I contacted my lawyer in Sweden today and it seems that he will give DTPO a try if he could import all his 45,000 emails smoothly and now I know he can!

While it is “possible”, the large number of emails would be best imported in smaller batches or through multiple mailboxes for best performance.