DTPO Import Dilemma

Hi. I imported 157 documents from another folder into DTPO. The import seemed to go smoothly but I can only locate the imported documents in the Smart Folder “All PDF Documents.” I can’t find these docs anywhere else. I set it up in Preferences to import to “Index of Current Database” but they’re not there nor are they in the Global Inbox. They are not even in the “Today” group. Is there a reason for this? Where else would these documents be? SHOULDN’T they be somewhere else in addition to a Smart Folder? Thanks for your help.

Rick Sears


I have no clue where they may be, but perhaps you can drag them to wherever it is you want them to be from the smart group. That should work.


PS: How did you import them?

I imported them by File>>Import>>Files and Folders…

They are in the “root” of that database, you get there when you deselect any folders in the 3-pane view.

I’m not sure what you meant when you said “deselect any folder” but I did find them in the 3-pane view. Thanks a lot for your help.


Glad you found them.

“Deselecting” just means clicking in the blank space below the list of folders, below the smart folders. That action essentially takes you to the root of the database where things get stored unless you’ve dropped them into a specific folder. Now that you’ve found them, you can create new folders based on your needs and move files from the root to the new folder.

Another way to ‘deselect’ a group in your database is to Command-click on it. That’s useful to see items at the root level in Three Panes view, when you have a large number of groups and no ‘empty’ screen area in which to click.

The Split view automatically displays any items stored at the root level of the database.

You can also click the “home” icon in the toolbar to go to the top group.