DTPO: import emails from Outlook does not work as expected


DTPO: version 2.0.9
Office 2011 for Mac/Outlook: version 14.0.2

I have been running DTPO for a couple of months and noticed recently that the feature “import emails” from Outlook 2011 does not work as expected and as described in DTPO Help.

1- Although the emails are marked as read in Outlook, DTPO considers all of them as unread and this makes the filtering rule “Display/read/unread/all” unrelevant and the “import email” feature useless.

2- In addition, once the import of a bunch of emails is complete and after escaping from the import mode, the Outlook app keeps being out of connection until I re activate manually the connection… although DTPO help mentions the opposite: “Note: While importing mail, your email application is put temporarily offline. It will be switched to online again as soon as the import is done.”

I have been hoping that the recent version of DTPO would fix those issues, but not the case.

Would be grateful if Devon team could provide with an explanation or a fix. Thank you!


Anyone on Devon side to respond? Thank you!

Thank you for the bug report, the next release will improve the handling of the read/flagged status, especially for Microsoft Entourage/Outlook.

As nobody has reported this so far, it’s always a good idea to report issues as soon as possible (emails/tickets preferred as the forum is basically intended for our users) as we can only fix known issues.

Thank you Christian.

As of now, I will preferably report the presumed “bugs” in Devon Incidents system.

Looking forward to getting a quick fix for these 2 open items in the coming version of DTPO.

DTPO: version 2.1
Office 2011 for Mac/Outlook: version 14.1.0

Both bugs listed above have been fixed in 2.1, as promised.
Thank you Devon team and thank you Christian :slight_smile: