DTPO Import Website HTMLs to DAgentPro As Search Sets

I have imported part of a website containing circa 100 URLs I would like to use within a Search Set.
Each URL has been imported on its own web page.
I have highlighted the circa 100 web pages within DTPO and chosen Open With DevonAgent.

This opens circa 100 pages within the DevonAgent browser that by right clicking on each and selecting “Add All Links To Set” imports the links into my search set which is great.

It does become quite repetitive though and I am looking for a way of “Add All Links To Set” with 1 click for the circa 100 pages. Is this possible without having to write some Applescript :question:

I have tried to configure a keyboard shortcut in SystemPreferences-AppShortcuts-ShortcutsTab as below but this just adds the links to DTPO Inbox.

Just select the links in DEVONthink and drag & drop them onto the “Sites” list of the search set.