DTPO importing email, multiple "inbox (0)"

Hi everybody, hope all of you had nice holidays!

I have started to use DTPO to archive emails (threads) but I am a bit stymied because now in my global inbox-database there appear multiple “inboxes” (“inbox (0)”) (see screenshot below, some of the conversations appear as a group in between them, some show up only through a search.
I have used the “add to DTPO”-menu item from within Mail. I am on 10.6.5, all updates applied, latest DTPO.

I usually see and work on my email within a “smart mailbox” containing all new messages of the last month, without spam. This smart mailbox does not show up in the “import email”-window, which would be handy, by the way…

Any hints?
Bildschirmfoto 2010-12-27 um 09.28.45.png

Bildschirmfoto 2010-12-27 um 10.54.31.png

thanks a bunch,


Strange. The problem of mysterious folders in the global inbox shows up in the forums from time to time.

The usual answers are: uninstall and reinstall DTPO, and engage DTech Support directly (though perhaps a bit slower than normal these days). Especially since the problem seems related to the Mail plugin, you might want to try the latter. Support will ask to see a zipped version of the database, if possible.

Before you do anything, though, use the Tools > Verify and Repair and Rebuild Database. The trouble with Rebuild Database is that it changes the modified date to the current date for everything and that may play hob with your email reading scheme.