DTPO: Importing mail

I’m trying DTPro Office and having some problems with importing mail from Entourage

  1. When I import email with an attachment, some photos and all .pdfs arrive as code. I’ve tried it several different ways – importing a folder with multiple email, and importing individual email but that doesn’t make a difference. Any suggestions?

Not only would it be terrific if I could get this to work (big improvement over the script in DTPro that I have been using), but it would be even better if there was an option to import the email and the attachment as separate files – one for the email text as an .rtf and a separate file(s) for a .pdf or .jpg.

  1. I have a Mail 2006 category in my DT database. I want to import several individual folders from Entourage, each containing multiple emails. But if I do not “flatten the file hierarchy” I get four nested folders: Microsoft Entourage/On My Computer/Family then finally the one I imported; I really don’t need all that! Unfortunately, if I do flatten the hierarchy, I get no folder at all – just individual email scattered among other folders! Is there a fix for this?