DTPO in the ScansSnap Quick Menu?

Is there any chance of a plug-in to include DevonThink Pro Office in the ScanSnap Quick Menu, just as Evernote and Word, for example, are? I guess like a lot of people, I often need to scan directly into DTPO, but also into other destinations which do appear in the Quick Menu. It’s a fiddle to have to play around with Settings every time to change between the Quick Menu and DTPO as the default. Unless you scan everything into DTPO this limitation makes a great feature almost useless in practice.

Could you explain a bit more? Do you want to send a scan to multiple destinations (including DEVONthink) simultaneously?

It’s easy to set up a profile in ScanSnap settings to send scans to DEVONthink (or any other app) – no “plugin” is needed. But, sending to multiple apps at the same time looks like something ScanSnap Manager doesn’t support.

My mistake. I had turned off Quick Menu and selected DTPO as the default app, but didn’t see it in the ScanSnap Profiles menu as it appears there as “Standard” rather than as “DEVONthink”. The DTPO logo is there but I appear to be suffering selective blindness…

I’m new to ScanSnap and get it now: you just choose from the dock logo Profiles menu before scanning rather than from the Quick Menu afterwards. Duh! All very neat, I must say, and fully justifies all the good things people say about ScanSnap (and DT, of course).

No, I didn’t mean scanning to several apps simultaneously - though now you mention it, that would be a great feature.

Many thanks for the prompt reply. Much appreciated.