DTPO launching automatically on restart

Since the DTPO 2.7 update I have been having a problem with DTPO starting automatically after a computer restart or after shut down and restart. This is happening on both my iMac and retina MBP. DTPO is not set to auto login in my user preferences, and I always close the program before restarting my computer.

Any ideas as to why this is suddenly happening?

Launch System Preferences and choose Users & Groups. Click on the Login Items tab. Is the DEVONthink application listed as a startup item? If so, you can remove it from the list. Note that updating to version 2.7 did NOT add the DEVONthink application to the Login Items list.

I have verified this behavior here. If you set the Sorter to launch at login, DEVONthink will launch (though the Sorter appears in the System Preferences > Users & Groups). We are looking into this at the moment.

I appreciate your kind reply. I had checked my log in apps list and knew DTPO wasn’t there, so it is reassuring that I was not missing something too obvious. I look forward to your evaluation of this issue.

I stand corrected.

As I always have DEVONthink Pro Office running (it’s the center of my computing life), I didn’t quit it and restart to check out the issue. I looked in System Preferences and found that 2.7 had not added it to the Login Items list.

As BLUEFROG confirmed, version 2.7 launches DEVONthink if the Sorter is in the Login Items list (and the DEVONthink application itself isn’t in that list). That’s not supposed to happen.

Just to let you know I’ve had this same issue since upgrading to the latest release 2.7

Same issue here on MBP, recently upgraded to Mountain Lion.
Seems the autostart behaviour commenced with the upgrade of the OS, not after updating DTP.

plus, other observation: When DTP autolaunches at restart, sorter is not visible, although it is included in the autostart list. Sorter shows up only after quitting it via the tools menu; then restarting sorter.
Both problems seem to be linked somehow.

Yes I noticed this too —

It is a bug.

All of this has been discussed in the blog and other posts

blog.devontechnologies.com/2013/ … -x-10-6-8/

plus others