DTPO: name of the app vs. name of the file

Hello :slight_smile:

I have DTPO. I wonder why the application is shown as ‘DEVONthink Pro Office’ though the filename is ‘DEVONthink Pro.app’.

Moreover, if I change ‘DEVONthink Pro Office’ to another name, say ‘DEVONthink’, the filename changes as well (and becomes ‘DEVONthink.app’ in my example).

edit: and there is more! If I change the name of the application to ‘DEVONthink Pro’, the name eventually displayed is ‘DEVONthink Pro Office’!

Is this behavior expected and can we change the name of the application at our will?
Moreover, by curiosity, would you know why it has been chosen by the editor not to have a unique name like ‘DEVONthink Pro Office’ and ‘DEVONthink Pro Office.app’?

Thank you!

There is a reason. Both DEVONthink Pro and DEVONthink Pro Office are scriptable, and share most of the same scripts. In many cases, the name of the application is important. So as to avoid writing separate sets of otherwise identical scripts, the convention you discovered was adopted.

Of course you can rename the application file anything you wish, such as “Harry.app” or “Joe.app”. But don’t be surprised if some scripted features then become nonfunctional. :slight_smile:

In OS X you can change the name of an application package (.app) to just about anything you want, and OS X will respect that change in most user interface contexts — say, in “Open With” dialogs, window titles, and so on. However, OS X knows in the background the creator code (DNtp for DEVONthink) and the bundle identifier that belongs to that code (com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2), and OS X manages application launching and execution accordingly. IOW, fiddle with app names, which are cosmetic, but don’t fiddle with the internals.

“change” it where?

“displayed” where?

“chosen by the editor” – what editor are you referring to?

Bill’s reply is correct, but if you change the name to “Blah” and your scripts use the command “tell ‘Blah’”, they will work. Recently most DEVONthink scripts have been changed to “tell application ID ‘DNtp’”.

I changed it in the Finder, by double-clicking on the name and typing the new name.

Displayed in the Finder, in the Applications folder :slight_smile:

Ah yes, it’s not clear! I meant the editor of the software (but in this context it could have been understood as a text editor I guess!).

Thank you for your answer Bill_DeVille and korm, I think I understood why it is as it :slight_smile:

A final question, though it is more general than just DEVONthink: where is defined the name that is displayed everywhere (the cosmetic name)?

After some research on Internet, I would have thought it was the CFBundleName field of the Info.plist but it seems to be defined at:

<string>DEVONthink Pro</string>

so I guess I’m wrong since ‘DEVONthink Pro Office’ is displayed…