DTPO not properly finding text in normal (not OCR'd) PDF fil

I’ve been downloading various statements in PDF format. Things like my electric bill, phone bill, etc.

And since I’m very new to DEVONthink Pro Office, I’ve been “testing” it’s searching abilities by having it search for words that I know are in those files.

Well, I just downloaded by checking account statement, and DEVONthink Pro Office isn’t find things I know are in it. For example, if I search for my account number, it doesn’t find it.

I even tried copying the account number directly from the document, and pasting that into the search box, but it didn’t help.

It also couldn’t find the word “NONSUFFICIENT.”

(I’ve been using quotation marks to limit results to exact matches.)

I discovered (somewhat by accident) that it did find this: “NONSUFFI CI ENT”

Note that the word in the document does NOT have spaces in it, and if I double-click the word to select it, then copy it & paste into the search box, the search doesn’t find my document.

I’d be happy to provide a copy of this document to DEVON for troubleshooting purposes, though obviously I don’t want to post my bank statement online.

Comment: I always use the full Search window (Tools > Search), and not the little query field in the Toolbar. Not only are the settings more visible in the Search window (wrong settings are a common problem in searches that result in null or unexpected results), there are a number of features and options not available in the little query field.

You can send a copy of a PDF as an attachment to a message to Support, and we will take a look at it.

Wait a minute - you said the PDF files are not OCR’d, is that right?