DTPO Not Reading Note Annotations Created in PDF Expert

I’ve been using PDF Expert on my iPad Pro for 18 months or so. I ditched my Windows PC and Moved to Mac in December Last Year. I purchased DTPO in March this year and am slowly climbing the learning curve of Mac and DTPO.

One of the first things I want to do with DTPO is read and annotate PDFs. There are lots of posts on this forum and across the web about using Pdf Expert with DTPO but none of them refer to my problem.

I’ve imported Pdf into DTPO after annotating them in PDF Expert. All the highlighting, strikethrough and similar annotations are visible in DTPO but the typed notes I added only have an icon. There is no text but if I view the pdf on my iPad using DT To Go the text is present.

I have tried using Pdf Expert to open PDFs from within DevonThink data on the iPad, annotation works fine, return the pdf to DevonThink and open DT to Go and note annotations are fine but when I try and open the pdf through DTPO on the Mac the text is not visible.

Have I missed out a stage in the annotation process or does DTPO have a separated process for viewing annotations?Have I missed something in the process? All the interesting responses from a Google that links to the DevonTechnologies web site link to a 404 page for the old website.

I have the same problem with any PDF annotated in any program, even with mac DT itself. They say it is an issue with DTTG and will be resolved.