DTPO/OCR and Snow Leopard


I learned from various forums that the ABBY-OCR engine which is not only integrated into DTPO but also comes along with the widespreadly used ScanSnap-Scanner has severe problems with OSX 10.6.

Problems that effect the functionality of DTPO. This was the main reason for me not to update to SL up until now.

Forgive me for not constantly scanning all possible sorces of information, but:
are there any updates/news on that topic ?

And what kind of problems might they be exactly? Because as far as I can test, there is nothing wrong with the OCR process itself.

According to this Fujitsu release there is a problem with Scan to Folder and Scan to Searchable PDF. AFAIK, that would be an issue for stand-alone use of the ScanSnap under SL, but that is not the use scenario with DTPO (i.e., scan to app).

Thank you, korm. As you noted, ScanSnap Manager’s scan to app continues to work under Snow Leopard.

I’ve been happily scanning from my ScanSnap to DT Pro Office 2 under Snow Leopard, and it continues to “just work”. No problem. The result is a growing collection of searchable PDFs.

Good to know, thank you.

So I just have change my workflow a little bit.

Until now, I use the Scan-to-searchable PDF-option of ScanSnap, which ends up in automatically produzing two files in my destination directory: the original scanned PDF-File and the searchable one. I copy the original version to an external HD for backup and import the searchable version into DTPO.
(I use the ScanSnap-version of Abby-OCR, because to me it seemed to work slightly faster than the DTPO built in one, but maybe thats just my impression and I’m wrong with that).

If I change my workflow to directly scan from ScanSnap into DTPO and turn the DTPO-preferences to automatically convert incoming documents into searchable PDFs, will an original (unsearchable) PDF-File be stored too ?

Or do I have to import documents without automatic conversion and have to start the conversion manually ? (Always presuming that i want to keep an unsearchable “original” PDF-File for exporting to external backup)

The scanned & searchable PDF is a PDF - you can export it, copy it, save it somewhere else, drag a copy from DTPO, etc. It is, however, larger than a non-searchable PDF - which for some users may be a reason for turning off the DTPO option to make searchable PDFs out of every scan.

(I am sure other forum readers have weight-loss tips for PDFs :unamused: )

I just talked with a Fujitsu support rep, and he said they expect an update for the ScanSnap stuff in November. So there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s not a train! :slight_smile:

As my ScanSnap currently works beautifully with DTPO2 under OS X 10.6.1, I’ll cross my fingers and hope Fujitsu doesn’t screw it up when that train comes down the track. :slight_smile: