DTPO OCR - scan existing PDFs

This is probably asking the obvious but anyway: can DTPO do an OCR scan on PDFs already on my computer? And do they need to be imported in the database or can they stay indexed?

Example: i have indexed my folder with Bookends attachments containing loads of articles. Part of these come from JStor which unfortunately provides image-only PDFs. Would be great to be able to post-process these now with DTPO.


Yes, DTPO can OCR image-only PDFs that already exist on your computer.

Select File > Import > Images (With OCR).

They are automatically imported into the Files folder inside the database package file.

What about other scanners? I have an HP all-in-one, with ReadIris as the software–will DTPO be able to read those?

Yes, indeed.

Thanks, i knew it would be ok :smiley:

Cool :smiley:


Sorry, I apparently did the quote thing wrong :blush: