DTPO Quarantined due to trojan

Hello! I have two separate issues but will address them in separate postings. This one is the most critical. My DTPO DB was quarantined by antivirus software due to a “Win.Trojan.Locky-30618”. I have a number of other DB’s and they don’t seem effected. Can anyone advise? All my important data from a business I run is in this DB.

Thank you!


Have you imported any emails into your DB?

This virus usually arrives in infected Word documents.

The forum cannot fix your problem, though. You need [i]Support[/i], not the forum. If you open a ticket they can guide you through collecting info from DEVONthink that can contribute to resolving your problem.

Hey Cassady! Yes, Actually, I have done this…

Thanks Korm…That makes a lot of sense. Sorry to post in the wrong place!!