DTPO RSS feeds: How to keep read items from returning after

I used to use Cyndicate (and NNW before that) for reading my RSS subscriptions, and once an item was deleted (whether read or unread), it was gone for good. I keep finding that every once in a while DTPO will fill up otherwise (nearly) empty feeds with 10, 20, a hundred or more unread items, some dating back a year or more.

How does one keep deleted items from coming back from the dead to haunt me. It’s kind of frustrating as I have marked a number of times in different feeds that I want to keep, so I have to scroll slowly through these long lists of items and delete them, being careful not to delete my marked items.

How can I set up DTPO to not repopulate feeds?

This happens with Mail as well so I suspect it’s the RSS handling of Mac OS X that is at fault.

Actually, I guess it’s not Mac OS X or the RSS reader but the provider of the RSS feed that rewrites the feed file with new IDs — and so “new” items.

In that case Eric: it happens to me in Mail with this forum’s feed. :wink:

Hmm. Not that I’ve noticed in Mail. But then I’ve never used Mail as an RSS aggregator.

But…but…I never had the feeds rewrite in either NNW or Cyndicate. In fact, I still have Cyndicate running in parallel while I’m getting used to DTPO and at the times when all these feeds came back from the dead in DTPO, nothing like that occurred in Cyndicate.

Therefore: Watching identical feeds in two different aggregators produces feed rewrites in one but not the other.

And also: Mail seems to behave like DTPO.

In my case I much prefer the Cyndicate model to the Mail/DTPO model. I have no idea how Cyndicate keeps track of rewrites so that they don’t get displayed, but that’s the way to go IMHO.