DTPO Safari extension with Safari 9 & OS X El Capitan

I find I cannot install the clipper extension on Safari 9 using El Capitan.

Is this a known issue?

Haven’t had a problem myself, but just in case it’s also available directly from the Apple Safari Extension Gallery. It should install fine from there.

I can see it on that page (thank you) but nowhere do I see a way of actually installing it or downloading it !

Interesting, are you certain it is not already installed (check Safari Preferences, the Extensions tab)? If the DEVONthink extension is not installed, the page linked above should look like this, with an ‘Install Now’ button at the bottom of the extension’s description.

If the extension is already installed, the page linked above will look like this.

There was some kind of glitch in Safari when I last looked - the info was there but the “Install Now” button wasn’t there. But I restarted and now I can see it.

Thank you!