DTPO saved the bookmark instead of RTF

For the last month or so whenever I want to clip an article from Firefox, I chose the RTF clutter-free option, and only the bookmark lands in the Inbox. I delete the clip and do the exactly same clip with no change whatsoever, and voila it is RTF in the Inbox. Can’t understand how this is possible.

The Internet isn’t a static place. It’s far from it. So the behavior is more than possible. In fact, it’s more amazing when it works more consistently.

Think of this… if someone calls you and you miss the call, they often call back. When they call back the second time, perhaps you’ll get to the phone on time or be finished with what’s delaying you, and you’ll answer… or not. But eventually, you’ll answer the call. The Internet is no different. In fact, unless you’re calling someone on two tin cans connected by a string :wink: there is a huge network to traverse for your phone calls. The same thing applies to the Internet. And it also applies to using a remote sync option (for those who need to know that as well).

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