DTPO Scan Settings

I’m using DEVONthink Pro Office (2.8.6) with an Epson Workforce 635 scanner. It works really well but the one item I can’t seem to find is where to set the defaults for the scan settings – they come up as Text, 50dpi and A4.

I’ve looked through the manuals and the forum but can’t find how to changes the default scan settings so I get Color, 300dpi and US Letter.

Can anyone help?


The settings are saved/restored by an OS X system scanning component (the same that is used be Apple’s Image Capture application). The way it should work is that the last used settings are saved and restored the next time you load the scanner module. Whilst this appears to work for some scanners I have come across a number of scanners where it does not. The most likely cause is that the scanner driver does not support this feature.