DTPO set up

Am a DTP user and downloaded DTPO to try it out. Don’t see how to scan a document directly into DTPO. Did I miss the set-up somewhere?

File->Import->Document (from scanner)

You can choose to run OCR or not by clicking on the OCR button in the preferences and toggling convert to searchable PDF.

I’ve been importing both ways most of this evening. I think files that aren’t searchable are smaller in the db. Please correct me if I’m wrong. There are some scans that are simply a digital photocopy, nothing needs to be searched.

Hey, I answered a question instead of asking one. :smiley:

This calls up ExactScan, which won’t recognize my scanner, SnapScan S510M. I didn’t have any problem using scanner under DTP.

The ScanSnap is controlled by ScanSnap Manager. Set up ScanSnap Manager > Application tab to send output to DEVONthink Pro. Then feed paper copy into the sheet feeder and press the Scan button on the ScanSnap. PDF output is sent to DTPO, OCR is run and the searchable PDF is stored in your open database. (If the Application tab is grayed out, uncheck the Quick Menu option in ScanSnap Manager Settings.)

Thanks, I got the scan to integrate directly with DTPO. However, on the document I tried, I got considerably poorer results with whatever OCR DTPO uses, compared with FineReader. Six or seven key words showed up in FineReader and not in DTPO version.