DTPO sync on OS X webdav (home) server

Hello everyone!

My current home setup consists of a MacMini with Mavericks Server and a laptop.

What I achieved so far: DTPO (laptop) can log in to the webdav server via internet - and I managed to have it sync all databases/files I wanted, after a few attempts (there were some weird timeouts or such, but starting again helped it to finish).

Okay, here comes the question - how could I have an instance of DTPO run on the server machine, syncing the same data?

I tried to open the Sync Store file locally, but I ran into some strange error messages like “file “metadata” not found” (happens often) or other errors. So… what is the best way to access the sync store on the server machine? “Add existing sync store”? Doesn’t seem to work that way. However, I will keep trying and I had only a few attempts so far.

Any input is appreciated, thanks! :slight_smile:

*** EDIT: I tried to add the local SyncStore in Sync Prefs with the button under “1” called “import database” AND I tried to add it under “3” with the “+” button below and “add existing sync store”.
BOTH actions yield the same error!
Protocol window shows a file name within the SyncStore and the error message “couldn’t load record (file “metadata” couldn’t be opened because it does not exist) there is no file or folder of that kind)”

I am kinda stumped. Help? :confused: