DTPO - Unable to make PDF paginated


I have been going through a few websites today and it’s been hit or miss sometimes.
Using Safari…open a site, here is a sample. I want to add this to my DT database. I do the following.

  1. I put Safari in reader-mode and click the Share extension
  2. Selected Add to DevonThink
  3. Picked the option of PDF paginated, clutter-free

However, my output in DTPO for this link is not a PDF, it’s saves the URL.

I tried 2 other different sites. One worked and one did the same thing as above.


If you prefer a paginated PDF of Safari’s reader mode, then it’s better to print the page to DEVONthink. Otherwise it’s not necessary to use this mode, just activate Clip to DEVONthink (via the Safari or sharing extension or by clicking on the Sorter’s menu extra) and clip the page as a paginated PDF using the clutter-free option.

I tried that. Still same problem.

  1. Went to the website in Safari
  2. Went to share extension (add to DevonThink)
  3. Chose paginated PDF with the clutter free option

I still get “web internet location” listed in my database instead of PDF that I selected.

Does it work after restarting DEVONthink 3?

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Thank you!!! Sometimes the simple answer is the right one! It worked.