DTPO Update? My Software says no Sir

Hi, I found that DTPO beta has been updated recently, but my software updater said my DTPO is the lates version (1.3beta 1).

What should I do? Download the new version from your download site, or wait until my software has noticed that there exists an update?


Just install the update.

Little problem perhaps. I did the install for the new beta, when I launched and was asked to install the add-ons I choked and hit cancel. What shall I do? Are the new files different from what I had in a prior version?

The latest beta includes some new/updated stuff (e.g. scripts for OmniWeb/Firefox/Camino). But you can install the add-ons via Help > Install Add-ons… whenever you like.

Thank you, button pressed have yet to find the different items but I will keep digging around.